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- Here is how it works -

  • You connect us with a company that needs to hire.
  • We provide candidates to the company until they find the perfect fit.
  • They hire the candidate and you get paid.

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Colorado Staffing Agency has the experience and resources to find the right people for your business. Whether you need temp-to-hire or direct hire help, we’ll create tailored solutions. Tell us about your industry — we’ve got the recruitment services that suit your needs.

  • Professional - We have been in the business for years and always maintain professionalism.
  • Fast Service - We pride ourselves on being able to find the right candidate quickly to ensure the company doesn't miss a beat.
  • Risk Free - If the employer doesn't like the candidates, then we will go and find more until we find the perfect fit, guaranteed!

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When one of our candidates are hired, we will pay you 5%.

If you refer us to a company uses us for multiple hires, you will still get 5% of our fee from everyone that is hired.
Our affiliates that have referred us to a company make on average an extra $23,000 per year, just for making the connection. 

I referred Colorado Staffing Agency to a nutraceutical company in Colorado and have made over $30k over the last year from the people they have hired. Easy money!

Mark R.

Colorado Staffing Agency paid close attention to my employment needs. They found a candidate with the needed skills and also learned about my company to ensure the candidate was a perfect culture fit. Hiring was quick and seamless. 

Abigail L.

I am always skeptical about offers that seem "too good to be true", because there are so many out there. I was referred to this company from a friend and it was so easy. I just connected Dylan with my boss and after 3 weeks I got paid for the employee that was hired. Best email I have ever sent. 

Abigail L.